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An Intro to our construction


All excavation (excluding rock or water) is quoted in the base bid.We will paint the perimeter of the pool’s waterline on the ground for your approval prior to beginning excavation.

When soil conditions dictate, or when building negative edge pools, we recommend that the pool be integrated with concrete piers in order to maximize stability.LCI engineering has expressed their opinion of our decision to use piers for these situations:

In our review of structural plans for Artistic Poolscapes, we are pleased that you are choosing to utilize concrete piers as part of the structural design. This does offer additional support for the pools and will minimize the tendency of the pools to shift under empty or full loading and ground swelling conditions.

Lowell Cummings

LCI Engineering


The pool shell is constructed entirely of 1/2″ steel on 10″ centers, with a 4 bar box beam, 1/2″ transition bars, 1/2″ alternates at greater than 5′ depths.


The entire pool is plumbed with 2″ schedule-40 PVC with dual split main drains for safety.
It is Reduced to 1-1/2″ PVC only when stubbed through the pool walls.
Each skimmer is plumbed separately with valves on each line.


All spas include 2′ 1/2″ spa suction dual split spa drains for safety with Spa jets air controlled at spa side.
Spa includes 5-6 massage therapy jets and 3 venturi jets in the floor. Spa wall jets are Waterway adjustable.

All plumbing is kept under pressure throughout the construction process to insure that the plumbing is without leaks.

Pool Shell

Artistic Poolscapes only uses shotcrete in the construction of our pools. With shotcrete you can rest assured that your pool walls will have a consistent strength of about 6,000 psi with no weak spots and the absolute minimum chance of cracking years from now.

The bond beam will be 12″ thick, the walls and floor 6″ thick, where walls and floor meet it will be 8″ to 16″ thick and all above grade walls are 12″ thick. (Unless otherwise noted).


There are over 200 choices of waterline tile available.
Many alternatives also exist for coping such as stone or brick.


Jandy Pool Equipment is used on all of our projects.
The main advantage to using all Jandy equipment is that it is matched for component compatibility.

The Jandy Stealth pumps feature “Quiet Technology”. They boast the largest basket capacity on the market.
Their superior hydraulic performance shortens pump run times and lowers operating costs.

Jandy filters are loaded with features that will keep your pool sparkling clear and refreshingly clean. The Easy-grip handles on the tank lid make cleaning simple. The extra large capacity extends cleaning cycles and their Clean/Dirty indicator on the pressure gauge allows you to conveniently assess filter condition. Jandy offers DE, Cartridge and Sand filters.

The heater of choice is the 400,000 BTU Low Nox.
The largest residential size available from Jandy features electronic ignition, dual thermostats and bronze headers (not cast iron).

Jandy also caries an impressive line of electronic controls that allow you to automate your entire backyard.
Pools with spas include a 2hp booster pump remote control operating system.

All pools include automatic cleaning systems.

All pools include automatic chlorinators, in line where possible, with a 2″ plumbing bypass and ball valve to allow for full water flow at the equipment.

Saltwater systems are also available.

All equipment pads will be supplied unless the equipment area is to be poured concrete.


All electrical work is done by licensed electricians.
All lights are wired to remote switches with dimmers at the house and governed by a Ground Fault Interrupter.
All installations include time clock/s with freeze protection.


There are many deck choices. Some of the most popular are seeded aggregate, stamped concrete, salt finish(concrete), flagstone, and stone banding.
All poured concrete decks include 3/8″ steel reinforcement and are also sleeved for future sprinklers & lighting.


The entire project will be personally supervised by the owner of Artistic Poolscapes.


Every effort is made to keep the pool site as clean as possible during each phase of construction.