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We Build Incredible Pools, and Beyond!


By using state of the art software, we are able to design your pool in 3D, giving you high quality images of your new poolscape. Once the pool is rendered, you can actually walk around (and in) the pool to view the yard from any angle. If a waterfall is added you can even hear the water running! Here are a few examples

New Custom Swimming Pools and Spas

Building a new pool should be fun, not stressful. At we’ve built thousands of pools since 1952 and have some of the highest industry and customer ratings in the nation.

Our pools are professionally designed, starting with a thorough assessment of your yard space, surroundings and vision. We always consider the style of your home and account for changes in elevations and landscapes. We’ll work with you to choose the right design, colors and materials for your space, resulting in a pool as unique as you are.

Here is a sample of the types of builds we regularly do:

  • Water features like waterfalls, fountains and infinity edges
  • Integrated fire features like fire places, fire pits, and fire bowls
  • Pool lounge areas such as tanning ledges, beach entries, and swim out benches
  • Interactive, color-changing LED lights
  • Water purifiers and sanitizers
  • Fully-automated pool and accessory control systems
  • Hydrotherapeutic heated spas with high-action jets
  • Creative hardscapes, including bridges, walkways, and deck areas
  • Integrated landscaping

Swimming Pool and Spa Remodels

Looking to stay where you are and simply remodel your backyard? We can transform any backyard into a new, state-of-the-art-designed extension of your home.

You don’t have to settle for a ho-hum backyard when you can have a “heck-ya!” backyard – and a remodel is often less expensive than you think. Our experts can thoroughly evaluate your current situation and provide you with valuable insight into what can and can’t be done within your budget. We’ll work with you to design and recreate the backyard you’ve been envisioning.

Just as with our new pools, we’ll use our proven best practices and only the highest-quality materials on remodels, giving you the confidence to simply enjoy your new pool for many years!

Here is a sample of the types of builds we regularly do:

  • Replaster/Resurface/Retile
  • Adding new features like cabanas, water features and updated LED lighting
  • Decorative deck overlays
  • Adding a spa
  • Changing the shape and/or size of existing pools
  • Adding outdoor fire features
  • Building an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Living

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Make it the place where everyone loves to be. No backyard is too big or too small to be amazing.

Whether it’s a simple patio addition or a complete overhaul, partner with us to make it happen. Our experts will walk your property to consider everything from drainage to elevation, offering ideas on ways to make your backyard the favorite space on your property. You can absolutely trust our team to show you all that’s possible.

No matter the project, Artistic Poolscapes have great ideas and extensive experience to help you transform your current outdoor space into an incredibly fun and relaxing place.

How can we make your backyard better? Here are a few ideas:

  • Outdoor kitchen, bars & BBQ areas
  • Beautiful outdoor sitting & dining areas
  • Outdoor TV/music with hidden speakers
  • Fire pits & fireplaces
  • Fountains
  • Landscaping & lighting

Water & Fire Features

Water and fire are two of the most calming and mesmerizing elements on the planet. Let us integrate one or both of these features into a new or existing backyard design.

From small fountains to multi-tiered, stacked stone waterfalls, the soothing sound of water adds dimension to any projects. Integrated with lighting, water features can provide stunning visual effects. Fire is another popular feature, adding year-round warmth, comfort and beauty. These beautiful features will instantly transform any outdoor space.

The team at Artistic Poolscapes can show you how water and fire can become the focal point of your backyard – for less than you might think.

Imagine these features in your backyard space:

  • Infinity edges (a.k.a. negative edges or vanishing edges)
  • Sheer descents
  • Rock waterfalls
  • Bubblers
  • Decorative fountains
  • Deck jets
  • Wood-burning or gas fire pits
  • Fireplaces

Pool Landscaping

Great landscaping makes your swimming pool really stand out. Trust our landscape experts to design and install beautiful landscaping to complement your pool, spa, and backyard design.

Our design professionals will evaluate your pool design and backyard features first. We’ll then use our technology to show you a virtual design so you can see exactly how your outdoor space will look. We’ll be transparent with the cost and stay within your budget. We’ll also make sure you know how to maintain your landscaping with a written plan you can share or reference yourself.

Let us show you how adding the right landscaping to your pool design can make all the difference.

When you partner with Artistic Poolscape, you’ll get:

  • An onsite consultation with one of our talented landscaping experts
  • Detailed pool landscaping design recommendations and guidance
  • Sketches and/or digital representations of your design
  • A budget review
  • A written maintenance plan

*Landscape services not offered in all locations.

Custom Decking

Pool decking may be an extension of your existing pool or a complete outdoor living space. You can be confident Artistic Poolscapes will help you create a functional and beautiful deck you’ll love.

Decking adds value to your home and gives you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces you may have never used before. We’ll walk around your property to consider everything from the grading and drainage to natural elements and existing structures. We’ll then determine which materials and design would fit with your home and your lifestyle.

Here are a few of the possibilities you can consider:

  • Baja Steps or beach entry for your pool
  • Creative deck extensions that support additional living spaces
  • Dedicated lounging, dining, kitchen & bar, and entertaining areas
  • Pathways between structures, even across pools
  • Elevated decking to enhance views

Enhancing Accessories

Today’s swimming pool is much more than just a place to swim. It’s a place to relax, exercise, entertain and enjoy life. Rely on us to offer accessories to upgrade any area.

It’s all about the accessories, or so they say. Adding the right accessories can make all the difference, transforming your outdoor space from typical to “wow!” We’ll show you all of your options with clear pricing so you can choose with confidence which accessories will enhance your space and provide added enjoyment.

Many accessories easily fit into most budgets, making them one of the most fun parts of designing your outdoor space.

Here are just a few of the many accessories we can provide:

  • Pool and spa heating and cooling systems
  • Highly-efficient pool filtration, pumps & sanitizing options
  • Color LED Lighting options
  • Fully-automated remote control systems
  • Wide range of pool cover options
  • Backyard games and activities
  • Creative pool entry and seating options
  • Pool and spa surface, tile, coping and decking options
  • Water feature and fire feature options